How to Use Curvature Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018?


Curvature Pen Tool

We all know, Photoshop CC software is used for photo editing. Various tools have included in it to ease the editing. Also, this editing software has many other creative activities. And what’s amazing is that this software update regularly. And, among these update tools, in Pen toolbar, Curvature pen tool is one of the newest tools.

Curvature pen tool allows you to draw shapes as like free hand and it edits very quickly. For creating any type of shapes let’s see how it work. Also, I will discuss the proper workflow to use the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

First of all, when we are choosing curvature pen tool, we have a new future a path option. Here the path option allows us to choose the path thickness and the colour of the path, the rubber band when we are drawing with these setting.

The colour & the thickness flying only on our paths are not visible. In the final shape let’s see how works curvature pen tool. You can see here, how we will use curvature pen tool for drawing this shape. We will unlock this layer & make the opacity up to 60 or 70% edge.  Then we will create a new layer choose the plier & will start to use curvature pen.

The curvature pen tool is more intuitive. It includes in it all these four tools- pen tool, head anchor point, deletes Anchor Point, and colour point. All these four tools are in one curvature pen tool. Now we will try to draw this shape that we will now click & click again. Then, you will see that we will have this curve which is a little bit intuitive. But we can use it for our shape when we are clicking twice, we will create the straight line at the end. Also, we can close this oval shape. Now we will choose the shape and make a filled transparency. By then, we will set some colour for its stroke.

As you can see, green stroke has the blue colour. But in the path options or curvature is ready. Now we can make changes in the thickness. You will see the tower & components with the paths will become larger tip.

Making easy work with these curvature control, you can choose the points and can delete it. You can move this point across this path that makes easy to work with them. Then, you can click once & create another point.

You can easily work with this curvature path & you will see how easy to create this shape with new curvature pen tool. It is easy to move at the pole & work exactly too much over ornaments. We can create & change the angle by double-clicking. We will have the corner & then we will have the smooth angle. When you have created this shape, you will have one layer and can create another shape.

When you are working with reshaping, you can buy double click also make a straight line. Then convert them back to the smooth line. It’s very easy to work with this curvature pen tool. I found it more creative with our apprentices when I am working with tempo.

Now, when you need to change our tools, you have two shapes as you will see. You will feel one of this colour & you’ll choose another one. You can also fill it with another colour. It’s very easy to create the shapes curvature.

Hope, it will help you to create a fantabulous path from now on with the curvature pen tool. If you seem anything difficult, comment below.

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