Remove Image Background :: 10 Quick Tips to Mastering Photoshop


To remove an unwanted background from an image is a part of Photoshop image editing. To call this service it can be called Remove Image Background Service. Remove background is for erasing something from the photo’s background. Another name of background remove service is cut out service. It usually used for remove photo background and picture modification. Through this service, your picture can be manipulated. It increases the image clarity and drops out the unwanted things and focuses on specific things. So, it can be said that Removing an image background has enormous benefits of getting a beautiful image.

To remove photo background, we use Photoshop to get the job done in a perfect way. Usually, the photo designer uses this for their photographs beautification and to make an image high-quality. Though, today’s world software engineers are creating many different types of photo editing software to make people’s life easier. There have many different types of software for many editing works but among them, most of them are depending on Photoshop. To modify your photographs in Photoshop,below are some tips for mastering remove image background-

  • First, you need to make a selection. Open an image what you want to modify. To make the selection, there are various tools you can see. But for the beginners, the easiest tools are the Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool. There’s also the Lasso tool, which can be more accurate but also take longer to use.
  • Here, I am showing you how to use the Quick Selection Tool. Select Quick Selection Tool from the Options. Just make sure, you are using the Quick Selection Tool with the ‘+’ centre by the pressing shift key. Select the background you would like to remove by clicking.
  • If you accidentally select something you did not want to remove you can press and hold alt key. On your keyboard use the’-‘Quick Selection Tool and remove it from the selection. Press shift again before continuing to select more of the background.
  • If you find Quick selection tricky to use. You can try to Magic Wand Tool which is found in the same place as Quick Selection on your toolbar.
  • The Magic Wand only works for background areas that are reasonably plain.
  • If you’re finding Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand tools aren’t accurate enough, you may turn to Lasso Tool. This tool can be found just above the previous two selection tools on the tools bar.
  • By using Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool, if you’re happy with your selection then you click ‘Select Inverse’.
  • After clicking that now you want to click ‘Add Layer Mask’ button at the bottom of the layer panel and you will see that the background is gone.
  • Next step is adding a new background which you want to add.

After adding your background, you can complete your background removal editing. Then you check your before and after editing image. Now, I hope that you can see the difference on your own. And see by yourself that Removal background makes your image more beautiful than ever before.

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