Power of Images for Product Marketing


Product images are the most important for online retailers. Product description undoubtedly helps but it must be in the high-quality professional image. Images play a key role in leading marketing sales. According to the research from Amazon, image improves the overall experience for customers.

Every product needs good product page. This product quality should be shown in the various perspective. Depending on the product category, detailed close up is super important. A recent study from eBay (the most popular e-commerce site in the US) published that, they have looked at “6.8 million listings and figured out that products with 2 pictures are more likely to sell. Moreover, the selling possibility arises up to 3% with each additional picture to the listing.”

It shows how important product images are? And how drastically 3 images can increase the sale of a product?

You are probably missing out the opportunity to take your business sells to the maximum. Just only ignoring the value of the product image editing. If each shot is beautiful, with its own right & it builds on public trust. The customer has a clear view of the product with all relevant details. Like the texture & thickness of the blade. The addition of package shots for brands. The product while also creates the feeling of unwrapping a new purchase product.

The power of including so many product images

It’s the dearest for a customer that he can get to the actual view and see product physically in front of them. Visually assuring the customer is good in business as they understand the product features & showcases. So, it’s totally an opportunity for customers to see the product visually and allures to purchase.

If the shoes shoot from every angle, it makes perfect look in the product. Front & back 45-degree angles left & right sides with its details, are angles for a perfect product shot. In product details embroidery, buckles, rivets etc can be included. In e-commerce sites, product images are shown in every detail. To get the attraction of customers, enhanced images are required.

The way to Shoot Product Images

You have to provide many detailed shots of your product from different angles with a perfect illustration of what the product looks like in real life. Every shot should be beautiful on its own ground and provide a perspective of the next shots. With this, your customer has an exact and clear view of the product. With all related details like texture, quality and structure of the product.

In this way of photography, you have the power of getting customer attraction to buy your product online. This is the closest business strategy to convince your customer buy the product. So, that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase product which has every bit of product details.

So when you go to the studio for a products shoot, just remember to get as many images as possible of the product image. Just make sure get the shots from every angle to review the product. Good standard procedure for product photography is to get shots from every angle and optimize images for showing perfectly on an e-commerce website.

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