Photography Tips & Tricks: Learn How to Control Shutter Speed


Photography camera has three important parts. 1st ISO, 2nd Shutter speed, and 3rd Aperture. Here in this content, I will let you know the best way to control shutter speed for capturing the best shot you ever have.

Shutter Speed: Exposure Controlling Motion

Shutter speed is known as the exposure time of photography. It stands for the length of time that how long the camera shutter is opened. It is one of the most important parts of photography camera. Basically, it is the time for light coming into the camera film. Most of the photographer wants to get a sharp picture from their shot and it is achieved by perfect shutter speed. So, you can call shutter speed by another name that is controlling motion.
Inside the camera, the sensor is a small flap and it is called shutter. When a photo is taken it opens to let light reach the sensor and later it closes. Time fraction is variable that may be seconds or fraction of a second.
Shutter speed is the length of time when the film or digital sensor into the camera is exposed to light as a camera’s shutter is open when taking a photograph. The image sensor is relative to the photographing time and in the amount of light that enters. The f-stop and the scene’s luminance together to find out the amount of light that reaches the film or sensor.
Shutter speed is collateral with the frame rate of the shot. Also, it is depended on the angle of the shutter. Normally it is 180° and it becomes the half of the frame rate. The typical frame rate is 1/24 so the shutter speed becomes 1/48.

Reasons to Control Shutter Speed:

The primary reason to control shutter speed is to control the motion blur and change in the exposure. It really has aside effect to the real purpose of photography.
Your camera will try to guess the best shutter speed to capture your scene in automatic mode. Otherwise, you can switch to manual mode and take control of shutter speed which is a better option.
When you hold your camera, it shakes. If you cannot stand perfectly still, this slight motion shows up in your photos as a softness or lack of sharpness. By using shutter speed, you can avoid camera shake.
Shutter speed is a measurement of the time when the shutter is open and close. The shorter the time sensor, if the faster shutter speed. On the other hand, longer the time sensor and shorter the shutter speed. In a simple word, the faster the shutter speed is easier for photography.

Shutter Speed Measures:
Shutter speed is normally measured in seconds or fraction of a second as like-
• Most of the camera will show the number is 80, it means that 1/80 of a second.
• Most of the camera will show the number is 100, it means that 1/100 of a second.
• Most of the camera will show the number is 400, it means that 1/400 of a second.
• Most of the camera will show 1, and it means one full second.
• If showing the bottom part of the fraction the bigger of number, the faster of shutter speed. The less light enters the camera. It means that the exposure is shorter. It makes the image darker.
For example, if you stand on the side of the window and open or close the window then shutter move slowly. You see more light entering the room, but capturing photo shutter speed

Control Shutter Speed

If you want then you can control the amount of light into the room by opening and close the window shutter.
• Shutter priority is a function of the camera. Most of the camera has this function. By turning the dial, you can choose the shutter speed and make it fast or slow.
• By shutter speed, you can control it manually, but it needs to more practice. Others shutter speed control ways are
– Auto not advisable, camera will use for exposure, and for shifting motion blur
– Off normal shutter
– Manual- control shutter speed manually
• Motion and movement control by shutter speed.
– Faster shutter speed-darker exposure
– Slower shutter speed -brighter exposer
• The amount of time the shutter is open; you can control this and capture the motion.
• Use faster shutter for crisp and clear view, or slow shutter for dreamy effect

For example, when you have scenes with limited motion go with slowing shutter by 1-2 steps. Thus, you will get minimal effect of blur, brighter exposure, and no added noise

At the end, As an photo editing expert, I want to say that if you are a beginner in photography then you need to know about how to control shutter speed in your photography camera. Remember the last thing, shutter speed control is the essential tool to get the best-exposed photograph.

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