Photography And Retouching


In a general sense, photography and retouching are the two sides of the same coin. At one side photography includes taking pictures whether retouching includes beautifying the raw photo. When both photography and retouching is perfect the ultimate product the image look astonishingly wonderful. So here in this post, I will try to focus on the key points of photography and retouching. Therefore, you can able to shot perfectly, later the photo retouching.

Photography Tips and Tricks:

Who takes the photo first? Obviously, photographers. At first, photographers take the picture. Regardless of whether you’ve got a camera recently and are hoping to take in some new photography strategies or have been shooting for some time below tips and tricks will assist you to take perfect photos.

  • Tripods and Maintenance

Pay special mind to a tripod as well as to its maintenance and keep your camera adjusted to a tripod.

  • Using on Camera Flash

Try to soften the camera flush to reduce reflection of light. Always remember natural light portraits using window light is always preferable and best suited.

  • Shooting for Black and White

Black and white are the best opposite colour contrast if you can capture both of it. You can choose grey cloudy sky to take a shot of incredible topic for Black and White pictures.

  • Understand Curves and Levels

As a photographer, you need to capture shots in perfect angle. The judgement of distance is a quality of photographers. You need to capture your shots understanding angle and curves.

  • Focal point

As a focal point, eye contact is not always desirable in a portrait but sharp eyes are. Use the central focus point to lock focus on the eye of the model. Later, with the shutter release half-pressed to keep the setting locked.

After Production and Retouching:

So, you have taken your pictures. But it may look not so attractive for light insufficiency, colour mismatch or dissimilar background. Photo retouching makes it all perfect and natural view. Let’s go through photo retouching process:

  • Perfect Skin Retouch:

Retouching removes all the blemishes, skin tone adjustment and makeup over the body. You can forget about the smudge and blur that skin look perfect by retouching.

  • Light Adjustment and Enhancement:

Retouching takes place in the dark part when you need it in bright or vice-versa. It is designer art that makes the perfect placement of light adjustment and enhances the accurate light contrast.

  • Contrast and Sharpening:

A designer retouch photo not in flat but makes it sparkling. A proper colour contrast, hue and saturation is maintained in photo retouching.

  • Healing and Cloning:

In Photoshop healing brush tool is to repair imperfections quickly. Your blemishes or spots are removed and blend the pixel with clone areas to retouch photos.

  • Body Reshaping:

Retouch can make you slim or gain weight over your body. Your desire body shape is achievable with the touch of photo retouching.

Photography is the initial step on the way to make awesome pictures.  But retouching makes it more realistic and artistic piece. It is a requirement of photo industry to make fantastic pictures altogether. The best level combination of both photography and retouching can only fulfil the industry demand. Hope that this post will be promotional to capture photos and retouch images perfectly.

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