How to Get a Perfect Blurred Background in Photography?


A lack of accurate information is heard from some of the newbie photographers that they can’t take the perfect blurred photo background. As a perfect blurred background can be achieved only when you know some little facts. Here in this article, I will disclose all the tricky technique to get the perfect blurred photo background. So stay reading.

Though it is a misconception, some of them think that a costly camera is more effective to get the best-blurred background. Obviously, this is right that an expensive lens catches the big aperture thus the depth of the field become shallower. So, spending a lot of money can be helpful sometime to get a blurred background. My question is that why should we spend in buying an expensive camera? And this is not a trick or a good option in my opinion. Whereas, some factors can get you the blurred background with the lenses you already have owned.


The first demonstration will be on the available aperture of the lenses. In optics, aperture means the hole of opening by which the bundle of rays that come to a focus in the image. It determines the sharpness of the image plane. If it is narrow, image plane becomes sharp and wide aperture shot the image sharply at the correct distance.

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The size of the aperture is one factor that affects depth of field. As the aperture become smaller it produces the longer depth of field, which allows the object to be in focus. For blurring capabilities as a zoom lens with an f2.8 maximum aperture is perfect for effect. And this is good to go for the widest aperture obtainable. As a beginner, you can do your camera settings in Program or Aperture-priority modes or in Manual to control the complete control over aperture.

The focal length:

In photography, longer focal length decreases the optical power with a narrower angle of view and shorter does the opposite. Therefore, in the blurring background, a shorter focal length is preferable than the larger one. As shorter focal length enhances the image by bringing the object close to the lens also leads to a higher magnification to the centre of projection.

The more the focal length increases, the more image becomes flat. This is an important thing to understand when you want to take a blurred background photo. In general, it is preferred in portrait photography is high focal lengths because it flattens the image. Or the wide lenses make false facial features which give an abnormal effect. Moreover, increasing in focal length decreases the distance between the subject and the foreground that makes the object utterly sharp.

Amount of zoom:

Zoom is an easy way to blur the background without any dramatic technique. It compresses the elements of photo and left the subject in focus. A wide angle lens is not always able to create a shallow depth of field whereas zoom in  your subject will the basic to get a blurred dramatic photo.


At last, key point to get the blurred background is to maintain maximum distance from the subject as well as from subject to the background distance. Normally, keep background distance about 30 feet away from the subject. It will help to focus more on the subject than the background what is required to blur the background.

It is required to get a shallow depth of field with a DSLR to get the effect of blurring. As a starter, a compact camera will be helpful. Already you may have known that blurring out your background is one of the most photo tricks that you can use to create outstanding pictures. My final tricks that I will suggest that keep exploring.


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