Combine Images to Create New Scenes in Photoshop CC

Points to consider before merging photo


Photo Shoot! It is a very skilful word for photographers. Image combine is the ability one of them. In every time it is not possible to shoot to get the bottom of the instance.

Attached multiple photos together is the solution to create the vision of life. Also, to create aesthetic view photo editors have to merge images.

There are more than thousands of approaches, but you must select the best one. That’s the time I come to show you the easiest way to combine images. I would say that there is an automatic option to merge with software, but the manual method is better. Because manual method offers the most significant control.

Points to consider before merging photo:

  • Image resolution is the fact, if one is 300 dpi & other is 72dpi, it will not match to each other.
  • A similar light source images you must be trying to pick up. Otherwise, you can add artificial shadow. But it is little much difficult to look natural.
  • The merge attempting the elements extremely convoluted that is frustrating to blend realistically.

Combining different images, photo shoot could be better. The same lighting & shooting setting the same assume merging the same location. As well as, for an easier merge the location being which tries to pair elements blend well together.

To add texture to an image

  1. Start two layers that the image with adding the top layer those are the bottom layer.
  2. Make sure the top layer texture is selected, in the layer panel.
  3. Change the blend mode on the top of the left layer panel in the drop-down menu in Normal to overlay. Blend modes are found the best look with images.
  4. At the layer panel, experiment with decreasing the Opacity slider which changes the look of the texture on the image.

To use a layer mask to hide a background

  1. Start two layers, the original image should be in the top layer & replacement background in the image on the bottom layer.
  2. Original image is selected in the layer’s panel
  3. Tools panel in the select the Quick Selection tool that is used to select the original image in the final output except for the background of the original image.
  4. The layer panel, click add layer mask icon, it adds a layer mask thumbnail linked on the top of the layer. Everything expects that select top of layer allows seeing down the layer stack to replacement background on the bottom

So, if you follow these steps, your individual photos will be merged together. Then select the lasso tool in Photoshop & draws the object model which adds effect to the base image. The selection tool or quick selection tool, you can use too. For specific colours & tones use the lasso tool as it is faster to select the part of the needs.

Paste the image into the spot in the belongs on the including an image. The opacity of the lower placing that you can see the exact subject should be the positioned than the opacity back up. Utilizing the layer mask & tool brush you can blend the image. It is the most benefit for the unison as it shows the first layer without issue.

Need to select the top layer to add a layer mask, then select the brush tool. By utilizing the brush tool, erase & remove the texture layer with white colour to bring the top of layer back.

Finally, I just want to say that to composite images, blending the image together using a layer mask with the shape of the image by converting the object. By using a layer mask with selection & the brush tool add an element which you want to add. To know details about photoshop CC and Photography Tips, Bookmark Clipping Agency and Read always.

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