In 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Ghost Mannequin Effect


Ghost Mannequin service or neck joint service is important terms for garment industry owners. It is also well-known by Magazine business owners and Professional photographers.  Most of the catalogues and e-commerce sites use the alternative human figure to create the 3D effect of various garment items. The garment product includes shirts, trousers, jacket, cardigan, swim suits, lingerie, some jewellery items and other clothes. Finally when you need to remove the background along with the mannequin and give it a transparent look. For this reason, this photo editing is called Ghost Mannequin Effect. It’s also known as Invisible Mannequin Effect.

You can create the same effect by using Transparent Mannequins or Removal Ghost Mannequins. But after shooting the photo you need photo editing service. This neck adding service always save your time and money. Many photographers avoid expensive Transparent Mannequins or Removable Ghost Mannequins but it is more effective.

Many companies are happy to provide their client with this ghost mannequin service. It is ideal for any kind of images taken of clothing or garments that are going to end up published on any-commerce site.

  • Neck joint on Ghost Mannequin

Address creates an empty area at the neck from removing mannequin. To join the back of the neck and the front parts’ photos to make a full shape, you are required of giving actual ghost mannequin. Neck joint can be done for Shirts, trousers, jacket, lingerie etc.

  • Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

The long tail garment items also applied the Photoshop effect. Some product shave back part longer than the front part. By using bottom joint mannequin for such a product, the designers must join the bottom part in Photoshop.

  • 3D Pack Shot Ghost Mannequin Effects

If the client wants to use a 3D image or Rich Media for e-commerce sites or animation video on Pack shot photography it’s possible to complete. The client sends their photographs in various angles and 3D pack shot effects help to prepare those.

  • Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

This service is needed to remove the mannequin from the invisible part of the sleeves and give those ghosts effect. The long-sleeved shirts, T-shirts; jackets etc. need the invisible effect to make a 3D shape.

  • Human Ghost Mannequin

The human model can be used alternative mannequins for shooting the product photos. The model must be with a perfect shape, good looking and reactive.

Removal Invisible Ghost Mannequin& Transparent Ghost Mannequin

There are mannequins that can be divided into different parts to have perfect product photos. Transparent mannequin and removal invisible mannequin used for the same purpose. It looks pretty and sometimes can use those without editing.

How to Shoot Ghost Mannequin Photograph

The ghost mannequin effect is created by photography or photo editing. You can use various ways to shoot product photos.

  • Upper Garment Items

Firstly you need a full sleeves shirt on the mannequin. If is possible separable remove it forms the neck area to make seeable the back part. Ex-shirts, t shirts, jackets, hoodie

  • Lower Garment Items

Lower garment items like pant need on the mannequin. Try to make it looks as to fit with as the mannequin. Ex-pants, trousers, pyjama etc.

  • Long garments items

Long garments items taking a full body mannequin; put the dress on the mannequin service. Use clips to make tight the front part and invert also. Ex- wedding dress, lingerie, shirts & pants together.

The whole ghost mannequin shooting from the beginning to the end you face some troubles but if you follow steps then you will fulfil your work. It’s highly used for the garment industry. Remember one last thing without this editing service, your product cannot complete their online business.


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