9 Strategies About Photo Resize for E-commerce


Resizing an image means to cut the actual size of the image. For e-commerce, it plays a vital role both in improving the site speed as well as the customer performance. Customers feel the joy in shopping when they browse in a well-performed e-commerce site.

Bigger photos take the time to load. That is why it is potentially important to optimize the photo size to improve the site speed. Also, it helps to choose the re-sample from the changed dimensions.

When you shot your product image at the highest resolution, the file size becomes the largest. You can’t upload this large file directly to the website. Your site speed will fall drastically. So, resize photo is the best solution that you can have by photo editing service. Also, you can delete the background from your image to get image size applicable.

Resizing means changing a file size of an image. When photos are uploaded to an e-commerce site, must need file resizing. Because large size photos are occurring large memory spaces. Also, to fit in the exact position on the website, you need to resize the photo to place in the right position.

I suggest you resize photos before uploading into the website. By using these resize photo strategies you can improve your e-commerce business like pros-

  • Identify the website where you can upload maximum size photo. generally, much web service will resize images for free. You will select the web page where you will resize your photo. Most of the web application has a maximum file size which will allow uploading generally near about 5MB.
  • Depend on your choice which service you can choose the percentage of the original size or various preset size. Most resize services will lower the photo quality and smaller the file size.
  • You will choose the access options such as rotation, colour changes, filters etc. Choose the effect that catches your eye. If you have picked all your setting, then click the download The newly edited photo will be downloaded to your computer and save this.
  • The most common screen size is 1366*768.If you want to upload a product photo to sales channel or e commerce website platform it’s a good idea to check their help page and find their requirement of photo size.
  • Removing background from photos another way to optimize and reduce the file size. When the background is removed and product placed on a clean white background, it cut down the number of bytes in the image.
  • When you resize photos that bring minimum page load time. And this fast load time increases sales.
  • Extra information will take up space and there is no benefit for the It is wise to remove the extra space with photo resize. Color Clipping is very helpful for resizing photos. As it allows to reshape or resize photos as per your requirement. You can resize bulk photos with limited time in the best quality.
  • Photos are needed to retouch, cropped and re-sample etc. because these changes photos look and quality. This editing workflow increases file size also. To reduce the file size of an image without making any big change in the quality, choose the resize photo service. Without a noticeable effect on photo quality70% file size can be reduced. For JPG images, it can be average around 75%.
  • Always bigger the better, is not true always. It is the best option when photos are uploaded on the internet as the viewer screen requirement. If viewer screen resolution is smaller than your photo, you must need to resize photos.

It is better before uploading photos resize it. Resizing photos take a small time to upload. It helps the e-commerce site to upload more photos. Because every e-commerce site has lots of product photos. So, I suggest you resize photos of your product before uploading.

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